Live At Brooklyn Bowl (2011)

The winner of the Independent Music Awards “Best Live Performance Album” in 2011, this CD was recorded during Mardi Gras 2010 at Brooklyn Bowl (one of the band’s favorite and most played venues just blocks from their studio), combines the efforts of 23 different righteous brothers and sisters of the revolution from all over the globe, and predominantly contains previously unreleased tracks, both original compositions and select covers.

If you want to relive the righteousness that is unique to the Love Revival Live Experience, Live at Brooklyn Bowl is the album for you.

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1. Brooklyn Bowl Parade
2. A Child Shall Lead
3. Revolution of Love
4. Make Love to Your Woman!
5. Whiskeydick Blues
6. Somebody to Love
7. Good Times
8. When the Saints Go marching In
9. Shine On
10. Born on The Bayou
11. I Still Love You
12. Mighty, Mighty Chain of Love (Pass It On)


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Brother Joscephus and the Love Revival Revolution Orchestra (2009)The self-titled debut that launched a Revolution. BroJo’s signature gospel-infused Nawlins blues rock was forged and defined on this album.This review from influential blogger Oliver di Place sums it up pretty well: “This is rhythm and blues music, in the best sense. There is a core band of six musicians here, plus four horn players, plus four background singers. There is piano work reminiscent of Professor Longhair, gospelish vocal arrangements, a tight/loose rhythm section in that way that is unique to New Orleans, a church-like organ in places. And Brother Joscephus has the vocal chops to pull this off. It takes a powerful voice, that can express a range of emotions over full arrangements without ever forcing it, and Joscephus passes every test. Perhaps the most astonishing aspect of all this is the fact that this is a debut album. This is a large band, with complex arrangements, and they mostly get it right on the first try.The album begins on a high note. “A Child Shall Lead” is a joyous and riotous expression of faith, although not the one the listener expects. From there, faith and love wax and wane throughout the album. The two songs about New Orleans, “Bury Me in New Orleans” and “Bon Temps Roulez,” both have a spiritual dimension to them; they are as a much about a state of mind as they are about a physical place. “O Moses” is a plea for help during a crisis of faith. And the songs about relationships find the narrator offering or needing encouragement. So lyrically, “Don’t Give Up On Love” is a fitting way to close the album.”- Oliver di Place Music Blog

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1. A Child Shall Lead
2. Bontemps Roulez
3. More Than I Need
4. Can’t Help Myself
5. O Moses
6. Bury Me in New Orleans
7. I Won’t Be That Man
8. Midnight Moon
9. Don’t Give Up On Love


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